need for Dairy Sector

Creating a
Nationwide Movement
for Dairy Industry

About Us

Vetmaya is a vertically integrated veterinary healthcare service provider for dairy sector in India, headquartered in Pune. We work alongside small, medium as well as large dairy, to provide end to end personalized doorstep veterinary care for livestock within their supplier base. Our primary objective is to enhance livestock productivity and increase profitability from dairying.

“Vetmaya”, just like its name, is the amalgamation of Science and tradition! ‘Vet’ in English implies Veterinary Services and‘maya’ is a Sanskrit suffix which means well contained.

Our veterinary healthcare service delivery model is an extremely well thought about design of systems and processes that address long term benefits towards sustainability, growth and profitability for milk producers (dairy farmer) and milk processors (dairy) alike, through a prevention-based approach.

The Alarming Fact!

Average productivity
of our dairy livestock is
merely about 1/10th of
that of dairy developed nations.

Livestock is the lifeline
of our agro-based economy.

Livestock sector contributes around 30% of our agriculture GDP, where, dairy sector contributes over 65%. India has the largest livestock population and is top milk producer of the world, due to sheer count. Among others, the problem of ‘Inadequate Veterinary Healthcare Service Delivery’ is plaguing our milk economy, causing huge economic losses in the form of high mortality, low productivity and low fertility of livestock.

Transforming Livestock Farming
into Sustainable Business

Vetmaya is a
Preventive Veterinary Healthcare Service Provider


  • We will be the catalyst in transforming livestock farming into a ‘Sustainable Business’ by redefining veterinary healthcare space…

  • We will be recognized for our contributions towards creating empowered rural communities and improvement of community health in India.


  • To be the market leader for reliable end-to-end personalized veterinary healthcare solutions backed by an integrated doorstep delivery system.

  • We accomplish this by innovative alliances of People, Process, Science and Technology.

Our Core Values


Our actions & ambitions are
guided by highest ethical
and moral standards.


We recognize the importance
of diversity and believe in
collaborating and supporting.

Customer first

We believe in consistently
creating long-term value to
enhance the well-being of
our Customers.

Passion for Excellence

Delivering more than expected
excites & motivates us.

Stakeholders’ delight

We achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that exceed expectations of
all our stakeholders, simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social
conditions within the communities we touch.

The Torch Bearers of Vetmaya

Vikram Singh and Amreeta Rao Singh

with a team of
Passionate and Driven Professionals.

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The Torch Bearers of Vetmaya

Vikram Singh and Amreeta Rao Singh

with a team of
Passionate and Driven Professionals.

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The Heart and Soul
of Vetmaya

The Journey…